Friday, 31 May 2013

Manicure at Home

Let’s do it our-self

Weekend arrives and we all book our favorite salon for a good manicure/pedicure. But with a little extra effort we can do it at home. You just need certain things with you i.e.   
Nail cutter
Nail filer 
Cuticle remover
Nail paint remover 
Moisturizing cream ·  
  • First thing to be done is remove your nail paint using a remover. Dip the cotton in nail remover and gently rub it around the nail and try not to touch the sensitive skin. 
  • Trim your nails using a nail cutter round or square depending on your preference. Then use a nail filer and start filling the nail in one direction. We usually do mistake by filing nails in wrong direction hence be careful while doing it. Then with a buffer make the surface of each nail smooth and plzz don’t over buffer it as this can damage your nail. 
  • Then soak your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water. Add any liquid soap in it and be sure the water is not too hot or cold as it can dry your hand. Soaking loosens cuticles as well as removes dirt from nails. Keep it for 5 to 8mins, wipe it with fresh water and now your hand is clean and relaxed. 
  • Apply cuticle oil or you can also use olive oil on nails (I usually prefer olive oil). Take cuticle remover and push back the cuticles, this will loosen it. Now you can remove the excess skin with the help of cuticle nipper. 
  • Scrub your hand if you wish as this step is not mandatory. You can use any body or homemade scrub. While scrubbing don’t scrub your nails as this can remove the shine. Do it for few minutes and then wash your hand with fresh water. 
  • Apply a moisturizer on hand and cuticles. Give a gentle massage for few minutes and remove the extra cream with cotton.
You would really enjoy this as it gives a feeling of relaxation Ahhh. And if you really want a good massage den tell your mom/husband/sis to do this.So now you don’t need to take an appointment and spend money on it. Do this once in a week and I ensure your nails would be healthy and beautiful.


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