Sunday, 1 February 2015

Don’t Worry, Chat Quikr Hai NA

Quikr is one of the popular online shopping portals in India for selling and buying. It’s existence in several cities across India which makes it easy for buyers to make a purchase from their own city thereby cutting time and effort. Both buyers and sellers are benefited as they get value for money.
In today’s world we usually hesitate to talk to a stranger as well as disclosing information online. Many a times due to network problem or busy in meeting or some other work we fail to receive the call. This can lead  to losing a good prospective buyer.
Hence to avoid such situation, quikr came up with an option like the app Quikr NXT, where users can chat with each other before making a phone call. Here sellers can post ads for free and sell their used and new goods at reasonable prices. Buyers too can browse from the huge collection and buy used items at discounted prices.

The 3 main reasons why we would prefer to use Quikr Nxt chat over phone call

1.      Chat History helps me to view the record:
Chat history maintains the record of all past conversations made with the buyers. You can go back and have a look on the conversation. This would help you to take final decision as well as it gives a clear agreement on the things accepted by both the parties.
With a phone call this is not possible as there is no option to save the conversation.

2.    Sharing Pics with the Buyer
With Image sharing we can share the pics immediately during the time of conversation. This helps the buyer to get convinced make a quick decision. Over call you cannot share the pics immediately. The buyer will share his mail id and then you will upload the pics and send. Too much of time wasted in this lengthy process.

3.     Convenient:
It becomes tough to receive a call during meeting or in office. If you are a seller you need to attend calls of the sellers. Timings are not fixed. Many a times you might receive fake calls through fake buyers. Through chat service you can communicate with prospective buyers or sellers at your convenience that too without revealing your phone number. Hence this helps you getting irritated with fake calls.
If you are busy somewhere you check the message reply back whenever you are free.

Important features of Quikr NEXT

Access across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and website, choice to make their listing ‘private’. Other features include enabling users to connect, have parallel chat sessions with multiple users, notifications for offline consumers, saved chat histories for future reference and features for users to share additional images and details through the chat window.

This app would definitely help customer to directly post products information from Mobile phone or Smartphone itself as free.

This article is written for Quikr Nxt in association with IndiBlogger’s Happy Hour contest.

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